I realized that I had to take away some text and some places to my booklet. I also noticed as I uploaded the file that maybe the text needs more space and so do the images. Overall I’m happy with the feeling of the book and the overall look.



This is the final logo that I created for my booklet. I used a past image which I created a couple of assignments ago and retouched it and added a couple of more elements.


For my self portrait project I chose a photo of myself at the age of 8 years old. Due to the books spooky feeling I wanted to go along with that idea and create an image that portrayed mystery and some slight horror. After much painting and various filters the end result was creepy which left me satisfied.



For my booklet cover I was very indecisive due to having made two different images which I felt embodied the content of my book. After some thinking I chose the threshold image because of its simplicity and overall effect.

Similar to my last postcard here is another manipulation of images to create one single image for a promotional event. In comparison to my last I felt this was most successful in the overall look and intention. brendapostcard

In the last project I created a book based on Haunted locations within the U.S. In this second assignment I was supposed to create a postcard to promote the book. Due to the content of the book I wanted to do something along the lines of something spooky so I created a postcard promoting tbrendapostcard1he book at a seance.


In this class exercise I learned how to manipulate different photos in various layers. The final purpose of the image was to display a product in a very eye attractive manner.